Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bunny's New Home and her family in the lot

"kitten sandwich"©janneserojas2009

I haven't updated in a while because every moment home was a precious minute with Bunny before she was given to her new family this Sunday. It was with mixed feelings that we handed Bunny over to her lovely new family, we had been torn for weeks to keep her or to place her in a new home. We knew going in that we would be fostering her but we never anticipated how attached we would become. Bunny came into this home as a snarling, spitting, tiny kitten 7 weeks ago, and left a well adjusted loving young cat. Her new family has a spacious home for her to run in, a great outdoor space for her to get fresh air, 3 other cats who will provide the feline family she probably craves and two lovely tween/teen girls, Lucy and Maggie, who will give her tons of love and attention. I knew when the younger of the two sister's took off her sweater and was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the word KITTEN, in silver studs, that we made the right decision. I hope that our little baby is adjusting well to her new life and we thank Lucy and Maggie for putting our hearts to rest.

Here are some pics of Bunny's last few days as a foster in our home and also some pics of her family remaining in the lot that we still take care of and would like to help find homes for the kittens.

Satisfied sleep

One last snuggle with her brother Budda

One fuzzy nap

Sibling Eddie Munster

brother Beastie

(from the left) Mom Esmé, twin Orangejello (in the middle), and Beastie

Beastie chowin' down

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bunny watches Nora play the Piano

Bunny watches Nora the piano playing cat from Jannese Rojas on Vimeo.

We brought Bunny to the vet this saturday, and she had all her vaccinations (rabies and distemper) and had a full checkup including FIV/Leukemia screening (waiting for results, I know she has nothing). Doc said she looks great! Healthy little girl and should be ready to be spayed in 2 weeks, she meets the weight requirement of 3lbs but he would like for her vaccines to get a chance to work themselves out in her system first.
Above you will find little Bunny watching Nora playing the piano, and tapping the computer keyboard herself, pretty dang cute!

Friday, November 20, 2009

R.I.P Sven

This evening I fed Sven and his siblings around 9pm and I said hi to little Sven, he was the only one around. Around 11pm I was taking Budda out for his walk and as I reached the bottom step of our apartment building I saw a little cat body laying by the curb by the fire hydrant near our building. First I thought it was Hissy, the daddy of all the babies and I started crying, then I realized that it may not be him and I looked at his little face and it was our beautiful Sven. A car must have just hit him, his body was still warm. I ran home and left Budda and got Debra, and we ran back downstairs and went over to see Sven and say our goodbyes crying hysterically, I still can't stop crying. We picked his little body up and put it aside in a bag, unfortunately this city provides no service to remove animals that have been killed on our streets. People drive like lunatics on our block they've now managed to kill the whole litter from early summer. Now I have no regrets that we took Bunny in.

She's too cute!

Well if she get can't any cuter our little Bunny these pictures will show you how cute! This girl is getting tamer by the day, soon she'll be ready for her forever home any takers? I leave you with the cutest face you've ever seen.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bunny in a Pot- FOR ADOPTION

So Bunny's favorite sleeping and hang out spot is in a flower pot on the window sill. Last night we let her sleep outside her cage in the flower pot, because she cries all night if you keep her caged, but she was a good girl. She slept in her pot all night and there were no accidents, she definitely seems to have the litter box thing down. We love Bunny, and we will keep socializing her while we wait for her full vetting with the ASPCA, but we feel like we may just foster her until the right parent comes along, so keep your eyes, ears and heart open. If you like to meet her please email me.

sleepy Bunny

Bunny in the studio

Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Bunny tries the sofa

Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny, sat on the sofa last night with us and snack on some baby food, napped, and just hung out giving the occasional purr. Baby food is really kitty crack if it wasn't for it we'd still have a snarling spitting kitty. She still freaks out especially if you put her on the floor, she gets overwhelmed and terrified, then gets really angry. She has some serious work to do before she becomes the perfect kitty. And my baby Budda has been nothing but a good boy around her, he gets a little excited if the little lady confronts him with a hiss, I don't blame him, he's also trying to be extra cute because he doesn't want his title stolen by the Lady Bunny.

Budda snoozin'

Kitty crack

Bunny nappin'

more kitty crack

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kitten in the HAUS!

Meet Bunny!

OMG! Kitten cuteness! Friday before the supposed Ida tropical storm Debra and made an attempt to capture one or more of the kittens in the lot to make sure they would be safe.Debra has been working with the kittens over weeks playing with a cat dancer to gain a little trust and to get near them. Little Tiny Dancer has the craziest play drive so she was so entranced by the game that Debra was able to sneak grab her and we quickly put her in a crate and brought her upstairs. We get to the apartment and we are like, well now what? So we called our TNR/foster friends Sonia and Kim to see if they had a cage we could borrow and see what the next steps would be in fostering this little baby. BTW I have to apologize to Sonia for calling her on her vacation I completely forgot in my excitement and I left her an insane message. Anyway Kim helped us out, thank goodness, because we had a growling hissing pound and half kitten sitting in our apartment. We went to the pet store got food, litter box and all accoutrements for a kitten. We set up the cage and then we tried to transfer her out of the crate into the cage, when Kim said oh just put the crate inside with the door open I assumed that kitten would high-tail it out of the crate into the cage, but no sir, she was refusing to budge even when I tipped the crate forward. The only choice we had was to just leave the whole crate in the cage overnight with the door open hoping she'd come out. At this point the little kitten was sounding like the exorcist with all her growling and spitting so Debra was getting nervous. I grew up with my grandmother bringing in the angriest ferals into our home, so I was ok with her, I knew she'd back away from us and the most she'd do is scratch which hurts but no major damage. In the morning when I woke up to walk my dog Budda, I figure I'd make an attempt to get her out of the crate while Debra slept so she wouldn't freak out. I took apart the crate like the vets showed us once, so the top was off and she dashed towards the back of the cage and hissed at me. The next day Kim came over and sat with us in front of the cage and the hissing had calmed down by that point, so although she recommended small steps like just sitting in front of the cage and putting our hand in without petting her, Debra decided to go a different route. She got out the baby food Kim left us and fed her on a spoon and with a big wooden spoon she pet the kitten, and while I took Budda out for his evening walking Debra managed not only to pet her, but give her a belly rub and carry her and put her in her lap for a pet, amazing! This little miss also allowed me to give her a long pet and to hold her in my arms. After we came back from dinner, Debra was back at it, and had that little kitten belly up in her arms with her eyes closed and getting a belly rub. So this morning I got to do the same. I have to say kittens are pretty damn irresistible. So this little girl, and she's definitely a girl, is called Bunny. We are going to foster Bunny we aren't sure we are going to keep her yet, so just keep up with the posts if you are interested, we are also hoping to get her remaining siblings, which only two remain, the other two have gone missing for 4 days, which is bad news. Ok well enjoy little Bunny adventures.

Note: sorry for the shitty pics, I had to set my camera at 1600 ISo so I can shoot in a very dark cage.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally Pictures of all the tinies!

Sven and Yngwie Meowmsteen

Okay, so I have been really a non-participant as of late with the kittens and Debra dedicates a portion of her day every day to try and get these kittens socialized, because they are tiny wild things. There's one that we suspect is a female (LemonJello aka Tiny Dancer) who's the tiniest and the wildest. She loves to play and goes insane with the cat dancer. She'll play inside an empty plastic planter for hours and she's my favorite. One of the full tiger striped ones, Yngwie, is the largest. He's also very playful and has let Debra pet him lightly. These two will also play with their older brother Sven who's now about 7 months old and the handsomest kitty I've ever seen. The three of them, known as "Team Catdancer" are the most daring and will come out when Debra goes to feed and play with them. The other three from the most recent litter tend to hang back and will only come out with their mom, Esmé. Ok, here are a ton of pics of total cuteness.

Tiny Dancer (aka LemonJello)

Tiny Dancer (aka LemonJello)

Tiny Dancer (aka LemonJello)

Tiny Dancer (aka LemonJello)

Tiny Dancer (aka LemonJello)


OrangeJello (aka Lars) Tiny Dancer's twin

OrangeJello (aka Lars) Tiny Dancer's twin

Wee Beastie (Beastie for short)

Eddie Munster (for obvious reasons!)