Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bunny's New Home and her family in the lot

"kitten sandwich"©janneserojas2009

I haven't updated in a while because every moment home was a precious minute with Bunny before she was given to her new family this Sunday. It was with mixed feelings that we handed Bunny over to her lovely new family, we had been torn for weeks to keep her or to place her in a new home. We knew going in that we would be fostering her but we never anticipated how attached we would become. Bunny came into this home as a snarling, spitting, tiny kitten 7 weeks ago, and left a well adjusted loving young cat. Her new family has a spacious home for her to run in, a great outdoor space for her to get fresh air, 3 other cats who will provide the feline family she probably craves and two lovely tween/teen girls, Lucy and Maggie, who will give her tons of love and attention. I knew when the younger of the two sister's took off her sweater and was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the word KITTEN, in silver studs, that we made the right decision. I hope that our little baby is adjusting well to her new life and we thank Lucy and Maggie for putting our hearts to rest.

Here are some pics of Bunny's last few days as a foster in our home and also some pics of her family remaining in the lot that we still take care of and would like to help find homes for the kittens.

Satisfied sleep

One last snuggle with her brother Budda

One fuzzy nap

Sibling Eddie Munster

brother Beastie

(from the left) Mom Esmé, twin Orangejello (in the middle), and Beastie

Beastie chowin' down

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bunny watches Nora play the Piano

Bunny watches Nora the piano playing cat from Jannese Rojas on Vimeo.

We brought Bunny to the vet this saturday, and she had all her vaccinations (rabies and distemper) and had a full checkup including FIV/Leukemia screening (waiting for results, I know she has nothing). Doc said she looks great! Healthy little girl and should be ready to be spayed in 2 weeks, she meets the weight requirement of 3lbs but he would like for her vaccines to get a chance to work themselves out in her system first.
Above you will find little Bunny watching Nora playing the piano, and tapping the computer keyboard herself, pretty dang cute!