Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adopt these lovely Dogs and Cat!

DIAMOND (adopt here)

Diamond is a 9-year-old Pit Bull, with a wise and gentle white face and a tan coat--she even has a little "diamond patch" of white fur on her back. She comes from a sad situation, where she was neglected and locked up for years inside a home. Fortunately, she is very affectionate with the people she meets, and she looks up at everyone with a big smile on her face. Since she's been with us, she's been putting weight back on and healing up nicely, so it shouldn't take long before she's feeling like the princess she is. Diamond truly enjoys taking walks around the neighborhood; she doesn't pull on the leash at all, occasionally sniffing as she strolls and quietly passing by dogs or children on the sidewalk--perfect etiquette for city dog!

Diamond is an ideal dog for a quiet adult home: she loves to spend time interacting with you, but is equally happy to lie down next to your feet, putting her head on her paws and resting. She's pretty low-maintenance, and will be glad to keep you company while you watch your favorite movie or spend time on your computer. We've found that she really likes to play "nosework" games by finding treats hidden around the environment, and she loves her Kong and food puzzle games that she has to work to figure out. We'd recommend a home without children or lots of visitors because she can become nervous and emit an unsure bark if someone waves an item over her head or moves too quickly/suddenly. She'd also be best without other pets in the home so that she has a stress-free, loving environment that she can enjoy for many years to come.

PAULIE (adopt here)

Paulie is a 5-year-old male Pit Bull, with a velvety-soft, honey-colored coat. He comes from a sad situation, where he was kept locked in a basement or cage. Since he's been with us, we've found that he's very sweet despite his sheltered background, and he experiences every new sight and sound with lots of curiosity, eagerness, and confidence. Paulie has an adorable puppy-like face, greeting everyone he meets a big smile and friendly eyes. He's also friendly with most dogs he meets on his walks. Over the last few weeks, he's put on weight but still has a little way to go to reach his ideal 45-lb physique: a perfect mid-sized dog for the city or suburbs.

Paulie would be a great dog for an active or athletic home: he enjoys playing interactive games, but he especially loves fetch and tug. He's very muscular and agile, so if you're looking for the next star of the dog agility or sporting world, Paulie is your man! He's highly trainable and eager to learn. Since he's been with us, he's also coming along nicely with his manners training, too: he'll sit and wait for toys and food, or before going through doors. Because of his energy level, he would do best in an active adult home; he'd also do best without other pets, so he can receive all the attention and love he needs to become your new best friend.

GEORGETTE (adopt here)

Georgette (aka Georgina) Costanza loves watching Seinfeld but she is much prettier than her namesake! Costanza has big round eyes and when you look at her ears they have little tips like a bobcat! We think she is a mix of a Scottish Fold Straight and a tabby. This sweet and curious girl was rescued from a home where she was being abused and we got her out just in time.She couldn't be sweeter or more affectionate and will be so appreciative of a loving and permanent home. She is likely 3 years old and healthy, spayed and up to date on all vaccinations.

MOOSE (adopt here)

MOOSE (aka Little sister), 9 year old Lab/Shepard Mix, is sheer love. Moose is as gentle as a lamb and a true lady. She may be a lady but she's as playful as a pup. Moose is incredibly smart making up her own games and she likes to talk. Lovely Moose gets along with other dogs, older kids, and cats, she's a well-rounded gal. Moosey would love a home with a yard since she prefers a quiet outing, but a nice apartment will do. She loves to keep you company when you are reading, watching a good show on the tube or just taking a snooze. She loves a good belly rub. She will do best in a mellow home.

Any questions please contact

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adopt or Foster Moose (aka Little Sister)


Moose is a doll! She loves to play and get belly rubs. Her favorite activities are: couch surfing, butt scratching, making sure you are never alone, and tail wagging. She's a little shy for the first few minutes then she can't wait to go on walk with you and hang out on the sofa and watch little Breaking Bad with you. Almost everything is new to her at 9 years old because her previous owner kept her locked in a basement with barely any food, but still she acts like a pup and loves everyone. Moose needs some serious fattening up which is what her fosters have been trying to do slowly, although she has a great appetite and can eat all day if you give her the opportunity, but we gotta take it slow. This sweet little lady has gotten along with all her foster siblings, including some of the more grumpy ones, so she'd love a roommate especially a real chill one. She's cool with older kids. This gentle pup needs a mellow place to settle down in but really like for someone to play with her, take her on walks, and even the park. Moose has had a really sad and hard life and is ready to start a great one with her new loving family. To foster or adopt please visit and fill out an application for "Little Sister"

moose_kiss_bw moose_sleep_bw moose_smiling_bw moose with becca

Any questions please contact

Monday, August 5, 2013


Dear Friends Brooklyn,

NY - PAULIE, DIAMOND & MOOSE (AKA Lil Sister) NEED YOUR HELP Starved, Beaten Cruelty Case Pups Want Only LOVE!!

Paulie, Diamond & Moose were taken from a nightmare existence, where they spent most of their time in a dungeon, fed little and denied basic care. They are extremely thin, some have wounds, but what stands out the most is that they are incredibly LOVING to all who come into contact with them. It is astounding, but all they want to do is to lick your face and give you love. None have shown any aggression towards anyone. These babies need immediate FOSTER HOMES where they can be nurtured, heal, and get back on their feet again. If you can help offer a foster home for one of these pups or placement in your sanctuary it would be a great relief and help.

We helped getting these emaciated dogs out of a cruelty situation which the HLE has excused away and there are still more animals in the owners care, suffering. Diamond & Paulie are temporarily being cared for at a vet's office, who have generously given their space for housing and medical care, but cannot stay there any longer. The vets' practice is financially strained from having these wonderful dogs in their care and they need to be placed in a home or rescue group.

All have been vetted, spayed/neutered.
Paulie is up to date on vaccines.
Diamond will be vaccinated before leaving the vets' care, as she was too emaciated to handle shots. Moose is up date with Rabies and is scheduled to receive her DHHP in 3 weeks and tests negative for all parasites.She is currently in foster care and needs a forever home.  

Here is a description of the 3 dogs who need immediate foster or adoption:

1. Diamond is a small 9 yo, female Pit. She is friendly with people, but is dog selective and would do best in a solo dog home. Although, she did have a housemate, a senior male, that she shared a dungeon room with and got along with him and even took care of his wounds. She is super curious and acts like a youngster, very sweet with people. She is very thin. (NEED EXPERIENCED PIT FOSTER ASAP)
Diamond is our biggest concern, if she ends up at the ACC she will surely be put down, meanwhile she is gentle as a lamb with people and loves to give lots of face licks. She needs to go to single dog home.

2. Paulie is a 5 yo medium sized grey handsome lovable male Pit Bull. Very friendly. Appears to get along with dogs and loves humans. He's best friends with Little Sister. He's a big goofball, very energetic. He wants to be friends with everyone. He is emaciated. Also very trainable.(NEED FOSTER ASAP)

Paulie is great and is our next concern, but very adoptable. 

3. Moose (AKA Little Sister) is a super-friendly gentle sweet shepherd/lab mix about 9yo, she's a medium sized dog. She was dangerously emaciated and is now gaining weight with the care of her foster parents. She is a wonderful dog, and loved by all. Moose has been in two foster homes with foster siblings and gets along great with them, she's just scared to approach dogs on the street and is hand-shy. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her. Moose is in temporary foster home and she's very adoptable, good with everyone, cats, dogs, kids.

To Apply to Foster or Adopt please email
We are also accepting donations for their medical care please donate through paypal using
this email
Thank you.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nacho ordinary man!

My latest photo shoot for GQ Cat.
This is the Pin Up issue
Ride'em! Nacho-chan!
Skijoring anyone? Nacho-chan!
Its hard being a model

Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to my Crib!

Ahhhh...welcome, welcome to Fantasy Island, I make your dream come true. Forgive me, homes, I've been busy modeling for MTV Cribs, check it... IMG_6332
look into my eyes, no deeper, man!IMG_6394
k here I'm gettin' jiggy wit my posse. See the da pig she like massages.
uh what! no cheez for Nacho, dats unbelievable!IMG_6376
huhhh.. sooo bored, the pig left she left me alone wit the bat, wha I'm I gonna do wit a bat.IMG_6356
You talkin' ta me, you talkin' ta me, say it wit respects, homes.IMG_6351
Nah! nah! I told you already da Bat and da Pig are wit me. Don't even look at 'em.IMG_6340
ahhhh this the life, homes...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shhhh, I'm hunting wabbits, I mean dogs... he there? Does he sees me? Is he looking?
Nacho-Foster Nacho-Foster

He mama look ova here. HEY chiquita *whistles*, come on look, sexy girl. Nacho-Foster Francie

And then it happened...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm A-OK! Stories by Nacho

Hey howya doin'?  Pull up a chair so I can tell you what's been going on. Yesterday I met the Vet person, I can tell you for a fact I don't like the way she handles business, my business that is. Pokin' me, and stickin' me. Anywho, she says I'm pretty ok for a kitten out on the streets, and I'm 9-10 weeks old, who knew?! I thought I was younger.
I've been hangin' with the big white fella you see in the pic with me, I call him Big Guy. He's alright, every once n' while his screw comes lose and he goes crazy on me but I give him a good old fashion hisssssss and things get back to normal-ish. The sexy chihuahua, Miss Francie, she seems a little put off by me, maybe I'm too much man for her.
Oh the ladies I'm living with, like to give me nice long snuggles, I like it! I like A LOT!
For now I've taken over the Big Guy's bed, it's definitely not like sleeping in a flower pot, there's a lot less dirt and a lot more drool. K, folks you know where to reach me if you're lookin' for a new roommate, what's that you forgot ok here's my addy,
See ya on the flip side!

Nacho! Up for Adoption Nacho! Up for Adoption Nacho! Up for Adoption Nacho! Up for Adoption