Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to my Crib!

Ahhhh...welcome, welcome to Fantasy Island, I make your dream come true. Forgive me, homes, I've been busy modeling for MTV Cribs, check it... IMG_6332
look into my eyes, no deeper, man!IMG_6394
k here I'm gettin' jiggy wit my posse. See the da pig she like massages.
uh what! no cheez for Nacho, dats unbelievable!IMG_6376
huhhh.. sooo bored, the pig left she left me alone wit the bat, wha I'm I gonna do wit a bat.IMG_6356
You talkin' ta me, you talkin' ta me, say it wit respects, homes.IMG_6351
Nah! nah! I told you already da Bat and da Pig are wit me. Don't even look at 'em.IMG_6340
ahhhh this the life, homes...

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