Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm A-OK! Stories by Nacho

Hey howya doin'?  Pull up a chair so I can tell you what's been going on. Yesterday I met the Vet person, I can tell you for a fact I don't like the way she handles business, my business that is. Pokin' me, and stickin' me. Anywho, she says I'm pretty ok for a kitten out on the streets, and I'm 9-10 weeks old, who knew?! I thought I was younger.
I've been hangin' with the big white fella you see in the pic with me, I call him Big Guy. He's alright, every once n' while his screw comes lose and he goes crazy on me but I give him a good old fashion hisssssss and things get back to normal-ish. The sexy chihuahua, Miss Francie, she seems a little put off by me, maybe I'm too much man for her.
Oh the ladies I'm living with, like to give me nice long snuggles, I like it! I like A LOT!
For now I've taken over the Big Guy's bed, it's definitely not like sleeping in a flower pot, there's a lot less dirt and a lot more drool. K, folks you know where to reach me if you're lookin' for a new roommate, what's that you forgot ok here's my addy, tinybeasttown@gmail.com
See ya on the flip side!

Nacho! Up for Adoption Nacho! Up for Adoption Nacho! Up for Adoption Nacho! Up for Adoption

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