Friday, January 15, 2010

Cuteness party

Last night 4 of our friends dropped by for some kitty love, and boy do Disaster and Turbo have plenty to dole out. They love everyone, Turbo even made our friend Michelle's belly her preferred bed for the evening, and Disaster snuggled up to our friends ,Katie and Joe, and passed out from the soft pets. Also, Disaster let our friend Adriana know that he really enjoyed her yarn by snuggling up to a bag of yarn she was crocheting from, pretty dang cute.
These two babies are incredibly well behaved for two youngsters they are not destructive in anyway, they're not the type of cats that for fun knock stuff off your table and shelves. They love to eat, I think aside for loving pets their next favorite thing is scarfing their food down, it's like a race to see who finishes first. Ok I leave you the night's cuteness.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brothers and Sisters! Pump up the Volume, on cuteness!


A big welcome to our new fosters, the sibs Turbo and Disaster (aka Squeak)! These two babies are so sweet they volunteered to get in their crates and when they got here they moseyed out into our living room and just took it all in like to very cool cats. Disaster so does not fit this boy's personality, his name should be sugar because he's so dang sweet and ├╝ber friendly, his sister Turbo loves a belly rub and is just as sweet. The Budda/kitty encounter was a little rough but they are working it out, Turbo is really interested in Budda and Disaster has had a couple of hissy kinda meetings with him, one fine moment was Budda pouncing on my face with his dirty paws to "protect" me from the big bad kitty, dummy. Now the new kids are just exploring and Turbo is chowing down, Disaster scarfed his meal down the second he walked in the door. Well now it's time for our first bedtime with these kids, they seem really good so I have no worries, they even used their litter box already (YAY!). These guys are looking to go to a home together til then they are chillin' at our pad. Here are some pics of these two cuties.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Bunny living it up!

A satisfied Bunny

We got to visit Bunny yesterday in her new home since she left two weeks ago from our place. The little Bun first did not remember us and high-tailed it under the bed, then her new mom, Val, got her out and we started to get reacquainted and soon she she remember how much she loved a belly rub. Her new family is super sweet and have made Bunny's transition really smooth. So on to the next brood. We met our new fosters-to-be, Turbo and Disaster, yesterday before our visit to Bunny's new home. They are a bonded pair, siblings, a boy and a girl, super friendly and beyond cute and they will need a home soon too! more to come on these two naughty beasts.

Introducing Turbo and Disaster!


Turbo (girl)

sibling love :) so cute