Monday, January 11, 2010

Bunny living it up!

A satisfied Bunny

We got to visit Bunny yesterday in her new home since she left two weeks ago from our place. The little Bun first did not remember us and high-tailed it under the bed, then her new mom, Val, got her out and we started to get reacquainted and soon she she remember how much she loved a belly rub. Her new family is super sweet and have made Bunny's transition really smooth. So on to the next brood. We met our new fosters-to-be, Turbo and Disaster, yesterday before our visit to Bunny's new home. They are a bonded pair, siblings, a boy and a girl, super friendly and beyond cute and they will need a home soon too! more to come on these two naughty beasts.

Introducing Turbo and Disaster!


Turbo (girl)

sibling love :) so cute


  1. They're so sweet! I like the action shot, especially.

  2. they are sooo adorable. i really wish i wasn't allergic. :(