Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nacho ordinary man!

My latest photo shoot for GQ Cat.
This is the Pin Up issue
Ride'em! Nacho-chan!
Skijoring anyone? Nacho-chan!
Its hard being a model

Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to my Crib!

Ahhhh...welcome, welcome to Fantasy Island, I make your dream come true. Forgive me, homes, I've been busy modeling for MTV Cribs, check it... IMG_6332
look into my eyes, no deeper, man!IMG_6394
k here I'm gettin' jiggy wit my posse. See the da pig she like massages.
uh what! no cheez for Nacho, dats unbelievable!IMG_6376
huhhh.. sooo bored, the pig left she left me alone wit the bat, wha I'm I gonna do wit a bat.IMG_6356
You talkin' ta me, you talkin' ta me, say it wit respects, homes.IMG_6351
Nah! nah! I told you already da Bat and da Pig are wit me. Don't even look at 'em.IMG_6340
ahhhh this the life, homes...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shhhh, I'm hunting wabbits, I mean dogs... he there? Does he sees me? Is he looking?
Nacho-Foster Nacho-Foster

He mama look ova here. HEY chiquita *whistles*, come on look, sexy girl. Nacho-Foster Francie

And then it happened...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm A-OK! Stories by Nacho

Hey howya doin'?  Pull up a chair so I can tell you what's been going on. Yesterday I met the Vet person, I can tell you for a fact I don't like the way she handles business, my business that is. Pokin' me, and stickin' me. Anywho, she says I'm pretty ok for a kitten out on the streets, and I'm 9-10 weeks old, who knew?! I thought I was younger.
I've been hangin' with the big white fella you see in the pic with me, I call him Big Guy. He's alright, every once n' while his screw comes lose and he goes crazy on me but I give him a good old fashion hisssssss and things get back to normal-ish. The sexy chihuahua, Miss Francie, she seems a little put off by me, maybe I'm too much man for her.
Oh the ladies I'm living with, like to give me nice long snuggles, I like it! I like A LOT!
For now I've taken over the Big Guy's bed, it's definitely not like sleeping in a flower pot, there's a lot less dirt and a lot more drool. K, folks you know where to reach me if you're lookin' for a new roommate, what's that you forgot ok here's my addy,
See ya on the flip side!

Nacho! Up for Adoption Nacho! Up for Adoption Nacho! Up for Adoption Nacho! Up for Adoption

Monday, July 2, 2012

Introducing Tiny Nacho! New Foster.

Hola! My name is Nacho! I'm a spicy little guy, who just moved in with two ladies!!! I just found out what a couch is, and I think it's amazing! I'm going to write back home to tell mom about this magnificent place. This morning I learned to use the computer so here I am posting all sorts of good looking pics of myself.
Ok so a little about me. I was wandering the streets of Brooklyn and living in a flower pot while some nice neighbors fed me. I was living the life of a hobo but it wasn't so bad, except for the hot temps and big metal things whizzing by, those scared me. I was living on my own for a bit.  I left mama and packed my bindle stick just with a few things I thought necessary, string, bottlecap, pebbles, that sorta stuff.
Today, is big day for me I'm going to see someone called Vet, not sure who they are but they sound important, I'll tell you later how the meeting goes. Anywho, if you like to meet me just email me at
Talk to you soon, amigos. Paws up!

Nacho up for Adoption! Nacho up for Adoption! Nacho up for Adoption! Nacho up for Adoption! Nacho up for Adoption! Nacho up for Adoption! Nacho up for Adoption!