Friday, October 29, 2010


Little Bjorn's stay with us is coming to an end he is returning to his original foster. He's a lovely kitten and is growing up into a lovely cat. Here are some pics and video of this young man up for adoption. Please email He will be at the Whiskers adoption event this Saturday, October 30th from 1-5pm. Whiskers-235 E 9th St, New York (btwn 2nd and 3rd aves)

Bjorn in a Edith Piaf dance from Jannese Rojas on Vimeo.

"Je Suis Mordue"by Edith Piaf

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Comedian!

Bjorn is having a blast staying with us but it's time that he pack his hobo bag, got on the kitty train and found an awesome new family. This kitten might be a secret comedian because he certainly knows slapstick comedy. He also is very concerned with keeping the sink and windows shiny. Bjorn is the first cat that I've met that likes water. He loves a relaxing nap in a wet sink or bathtub, don't be surprised if someone joins you in the shower (by accident). Anywho, little man is now 4 1/2 months old and is desperately searching for his new family he says there's just not a lot of action Casa de Budda and Francie. Francie is a little worried that there's a crazed kitten getting bigger than her too, she keeps packing her bags then she unpacks them and packs Bjorn's, it's very strange. If you are ready for some comic relief in your life this is the kitten for you, but you have to remember to have patience because he's still a youngster and is up to all sorts of hijinks. Please write us if you are interested in adopting him at

Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Cat Standing

Little Olaf has been happily living with his new family for the last week. He has another kitten to keep him company plus a Chiwa and 2 German Shepperd's! Oh and turtle! Tiny Inga will also be going to her new home in Pennsylvania this weekend and she will have a another kitten to keep her company by the name of Tapatio. So now we have one fur baby left, Mr. Bjorn. Bjorn is really a love and loves a good snuggle. The dogs have really taken to him and he to them. Budda decided the other night that he was gonna take on a father figure role and bathe the kittens. Bjorn had a full bath, he was soaking wet and satisfied by the end. I had to towel him off, dog tongues are way wetter than cat tongue, yuck! He smelled like dog breath when Budda was through with him. But Bjorn is so good natured he just laid back and enjoyed himself. What's to be with this little guy? We really want him to go to a home with another cat or minimally a cat-friendly dog. Bjorn's personality has really flourished, he's curious, snugly, attentive, and really playful. In the mornings he will greet you with some intense purring and he loves himself an empty bucket and a piece of paper. He likes the simple things in life, he's not a complicated fella. You should really meet him.

If you are interested please fill out the adoption form and email it to

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sleepy and Growing Up


The kittens are now 9 weeks old and they will be going for their full vetting this weekend which means they will be getting spayed and neutered (so scary and sad, but for the best), plus vaccinated and tested for FIV/FeL. They have blossomed into amazing kittens and they are definitely going to make for delicious cats. This weekend they graduated to full freedom which means no more crating overnight or when we are out of the apartment, this has helped tremendously in keeping their crazies in check. When they spent the whole night in a crate they would get so stir crazy that they made us insane for a couple of hours. Now they are so sweet and are happy to see us in the morning or when we get home. They all willingly come for a snuggle or a pet, and they ALL love the dogs which is amazing to see.

Francie and kittens, Bjorn, Olaf, & Inga

Budda, Francie and Olaf and Bjorn

These little guys are also working on eating one less meal so instead of their four meals, which consisted of wet food and dry to graze on, they are down to 2 bowls of wet and one bowl of dry. Very exciting stuff, I know, but it's important to be aware of a kittens eating habits for proper weight gain, especially for spaying/neutering.
Francie is just loving her playtime with the kittens she especially loves Bjorn, but all the kittens will seek her out to play. The kittens are all showing their personalities now, Bjorn is still the most outgoing, and independent but he will seek you out for a pet or just to hang out with you, he has no fear of the dogs and will get up in their faces. Little Olaf, is a fatty, he loves to eat, that kitty hasn't met a meal he didn't like. He's also the tidy cat, he will go into the litter box after his brother or sister have gone in to make sure everything has been properly been covered. Olaf likes to be held and will stay in your arms the longest for a snuggle. And tiny Inga, is a petite Miss, who will spend hours playing on her own while her brothers rough-house. She will also come over for pets or actively seek out the dogs for attention, and she likes to make meaningful eye contact, it's pretty mesmerizing.

So we really need to find for these guys so spread the word. If you like to meet one or all of these guys please feel free to email me at

Sleepy time, Inga curled and Olaf stretched out.

Sleepy Olaf

Ready for a nap, Bjorn

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adopt me I'm the cutest kitty!

The kittens went to spend their day yesterday at the North Shore Adoption Van in the city so they can be shown off to the public. I was told they were the stars of the "show". There were two other batches of kittens but our guys were the tiniest and the cutest, and they've got spunk!
The car ride there and back was helacious it was 94 degrees and our ac wasn't working in the car, we all felt like we were ina swoon. Have you ever seen little kittens pant, it's adorable and terrifying. The whole time it was a race to get to our destination because we thought they were gonna die or faint, and of course NYC downtown traffic makes almost impossible to go anywhere fast. We hear that there are a couple of people interested in our guys but who knows only time will tell. They were so relieved to be home that after a good chow down they past out asleep where ever they were at the moment. This weekend has been pretty exciting for the kittens aside from their big city adventure, they've learned to scale fences, jump onto coffee tables, & sneak attack the dogs. Now they need a full-time adventure of a new loving home.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tiny purrs


Yesterday Debra had a breakthrough with the kittens (Inga, Bjorn, and Olaf) she got everyone to purr when they're pet, especially with belly rubs. Little Bjorn has taken a shine to Miss Francie, our chiwa, so last night he tried to nurse from her and Francie walked away not liking it so much. Francie also tried to establish her dominance over Bjorn by humping the little fluffy guy. They hate their medicine (taking antibiotics) but they take it like champs. When I was preparing their dinner I had two kittens climbing up my leg trying to get to the counter, I think they thought my leg was a tree!
We trusted them to stay outside their cage, yesterday, for 20 mins while we walked the dogs and they were fine, they didn't wreak havoc or get into any unreachable areas of the apartment. The second time we trusted those rascals, someone decided a potted planted would make a great loo! Their just too young and small to run back to their cage where their litter box is, in time. So they really need some bathroom breaks and then they are fine. Debra's also been taking them individually into our building hallway for some one on one activities, this way they can learn about people affection without siblings to distract them. We've also had a slew of friends visit, which has been great in socializes these little beasts.




Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet Kitty Love! Two kitties for Adoption

These two kids are the cat's meow. Robert and Selia are both young cats with super past drama. Robert is a young male probably about 2-3yrs old and was hit by a car and had to recuperate from a dislocated hip, now he's right as rain and a super lover deluxe!!! Robert wants to hang out with you, snuggle, get belly rubs and just give lots of sweet, sweet kitty love. He's interested in other animals but has not be tested yet, but we think he'll be ok with other cats. He really wants a home where he's paid a lot of attention and someone who won't leave him alone for too long.
More pics of Robert

Miss Selia, is 8mths old and was almost a mommy because her original owners thought it would be ok to let an unspayed female out for a midnight walk, apparently she had a one-night stand and well you know what happens next. So she's spayed and a happy, loving girl. Little Selia is petite, loves to give you licks and head butts to show her love even if you just met you. She just has issues with other cats, can you blame her she got knocked up with the only other cat she ever met! More pics of Selia
Selia and Robert are both up for adoption and are currently being fostered in Queens

To fill out an adoption application please follow this link to Linda's Feral Cat Assistance

If you have any questions about the kitties please feel free to leave a post.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The new teeny residents

Inga and Björn in front Olaf in back

Meet Björn, Olaf and Inga, the 3 six week old kittens just newly arrived.
These little babies were born outdoors and were a surprise to the TNR folks who trapped their mom. Turns out when she was trapped they realized mommy was lactating so they went in search of her babies. After a couple of days these three sweeties were found and they were under a week old. Since then they were being fostered by my aunt but she has too many kitties so we are taking over for a bit and get these guys socialized.
First night the dogs were curious and the kittens weren't sure what to make of everything. Little Inga kept approaching Francie and hissing. Björn was exploring the top of the couch and kept poyncing on his brother and sister. And little Olaf had a tummy ache so he kept snuggling the pillow. Björn and Inga ate a little and the three passed out.



Björn & Inga


The kittens will go up for adoption July 24th and they will be at the animal adoption van outside of Whiskers on 9th st between 2nd and 3rd ave.

To fill out an adoption application please follow this link to Linda's Feral Cat Assistance

If you have any questions about the kittens please feel free to leave a post.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet Handsome Charles! UPDATE-ADOPTED!!!!

Charles is one of the sweetest kitties we've ever met. He's genuinely affectionate. He just wants to hang out with you. Charles doesn't mind a good squeeze, he will not squirm or kick to get away from your love like many other kitties he will just melt in your arms. He likes a belly rub. He's really curious and playful, and he will follow you where ever you go. He's good with other cats and with older kids. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, so if there's another kitty in your home they should be a kind kitty who likes the company of other cats.

Charles is a fancy cat, probably a Ragdoll or Snow Shoe (the rescue group that is working with my aunt has him listed as a Siamese). He came from a terrible situation and my aunt rescued him and brought him back from close to death. He was found in a building's parking lot abandoned by a hoarder who was too mentally ill too care for any of her cats so she just let them out. Charles had no idea how to fend for himself so he suffered badly. He had a terrible upper respiratory infection that caused him to lose an eye. Now he's the picture of perfect health and he's still absolutely beautiful with his lovely blue eye, he looks like he's winking at you which makes him even cuter.

Charles is being fostered by my aunt Raquel in Queens and she will have you meet Charles after you have put in an adoption application here are the links to the Cat Rescue organization handling his adoption:

Linda's Feral Cat Assistance

Charles Petfinder link

Just chillin'

I'll hug ya, and squeeze ya, and....(he loves it!)

See looks like he's winking :)

So ready for a belly rub

Friday, February 12, 2010

Adopt Madge! A sexy, naked grannie.

what a gorgeous creature!

This fine lady is looking for a home to call her own.
The kind people at Waggytails Rescue contacted me about her
because they know I love me a naked beast!

She is about 12, with a spring in her step and would best be suited to a home where she can be lavished with love, treats and snuggles. I'm going to be bringing her some of Lambie's winter threads, so she will come equipped for the cold in style!
According to her former foster mom, Madge is gentle and still playful, but would rather not have to deal with a rambunctious child, pup or fiesty cat. She might peacefully coexist with another older, mellow dog. Ideally she'd love to have someone home with her most days, but this gal just needs a home where she'll be loved long-time! She says that she is housebroken and actually prefers to be taken out for a quickie. You go Madge! Oh! And she loves scrambled eggs! How freakin' awesome is that?
Check out her profile on Waggytails for more info.

behold the cuteness!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snugly Charles

This little man is up for adoption he's currently being fostered by my Aunt in Queens. Charles is a super affectionate cat, he loves a good snuggle, loves to play and has an all around great personality. He was found in really bad shape on the streets they believe he belonged to a woman who was hoarding cats, and then got sick, so instead of surrendering her cats to a rescue or shelter, she let them lose out onto the dangerous streets of Queens. He had a terrible eye infection from a bad cold which led to him having his little eye removed but he's made a full recovery, he's fiv/feline leukemia negative and neutered. He seems to have the markings of a Siamese so he's pointed and has a blue eye, but could also be a Ragdoll mix. Charles is looking for his forever home. Here's his profile on petfinders. Please contact
Lindas Feral Cat Assistance, (718) 205-1792, or email You will meet the kitty at my Aunt Raquel's in Queens. MORE PICS HERE

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cuteness party

Last night 4 of our friends dropped by for some kitty love, and boy do Disaster and Turbo have plenty to dole out. They love everyone, Turbo even made our friend Michelle's belly her preferred bed for the evening, and Disaster snuggled up to our friends ,Katie and Joe, and passed out from the soft pets. Also, Disaster let our friend Adriana know that he really enjoyed her yarn by snuggling up to a bag of yarn she was crocheting from, pretty dang cute.
These two babies are incredibly well behaved for two youngsters they are not destructive in anyway, they're not the type of cats that for fun knock stuff off your table and shelves. They love to eat, I think aside for loving pets their next favorite thing is scarfing their food down, it's like a race to see who finishes first. Ok I leave you the night's cuteness.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brothers and Sisters! Pump up the Volume, on cuteness!


A big welcome to our new fosters, the sibs Turbo and Disaster (aka Squeak)! These two babies are so sweet they volunteered to get in their crates and when they got here they moseyed out into our living room and just took it all in like to very cool cats. Disaster so does not fit this boy's personality, his name should be sugar because he's so dang sweet and über friendly, his sister Turbo loves a belly rub and is just as sweet. The Budda/kitty encounter was a little rough but they are working it out, Turbo is really interested in Budda and Disaster has had a couple of hissy kinda meetings with him, one fine moment was Budda pouncing on my face with his dirty paws to "protect" me from the big bad kitty, dummy. Now the new kids are just exploring and Turbo is chowing down, Disaster scarfed his meal down the second he walked in the door. Well now it's time for our first bedtime with these kids, they seem really good so I have no worries, they even used their litter box already (YAY!). These guys are looking to go to a home together til then they are chillin' at our pad. Here are some pics of these two cuties.