Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet Kitty Love! Two kitties for Adoption

These two kids are the cat's meow. Robert and Selia are both young cats with super past drama. Robert is a young male probably about 2-3yrs old and was hit by a car and had to recuperate from a dislocated hip, now he's right as rain and a super lover deluxe!!! Robert wants to hang out with you, snuggle, get belly rubs and just give lots of sweet, sweet kitty love. He's interested in other animals but has not be tested yet, but we think he'll be ok with other cats. He really wants a home where he's paid a lot of attention and someone who won't leave him alone for too long.
More pics of Robert

Miss Selia, is 8mths old and was almost a mommy because her original owners thought it would be ok to let an unspayed female out for a midnight walk, apparently she had a one-night stand and well you know what happens next. So she's spayed and a happy, loving girl. Little Selia is petite, loves to give you licks and head butts to show her love even if you just met you. She just has issues with other cats, can you blame her she got knocked up with the only other cat she ever met! More pics of Selia
Selia and Robert are both up for adoption and are currently being fostered in Queens

To fill out an adoption application please follow this link to Linda's Feral Cat Assistance

If you have any questions about the kitties please feel free to leave a post.

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