Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tiny purrs


Yesterday Debra had a breakthrough with the kittens (Inga, Bjorn, and Olaf) she got everyone to purr when they're pet, especially with belly rubs. Little Bjorn has taken a shine to Miss Francie, our chiwa, so last night he tried to nurse from her and Francie walked away not liking it so much. Francie also tried to establish her dominance over Bjorn by humping the little fluffy guy. They hate their medicine (taking antibiotics) but they take it like champs. When I was preparing their dinner I had two kittens climbing up my leg trying to get to the counter, I think they thought my leg was a tree!
We trusted them to stay outside their cage, yesterday, for 20 mins while we walked the dogs and they were fine, they didn't wreak havoc or get into any unreachable areas of the apartment. The second time we trusted those rascals, someone decided a potted planted would make a great loo! Their just too young and small to run back to their cage where their litter box is, in time. So they really need some bathroom breaks and then they are fine. Debra's also been taking them individually into our building hallway for some one on one activities, this way they can learn about people affection without siblings to distract them. We've also had a slew of friends visit, which has been great in socializes these little beasts.




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