Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Cat Standing

Little Olaf has been happily living with his new family for the last week. He has another kitten to keep him company plus a Chiwa and 2 German Shepperd's! Oh and turtle! Tiny Inga will also be going to her new home in Pennsylvania this weekend and she will have a another kitten to keep her company by the name of Tapatio. So now we have one fur baby left, Mr. Bjorn. Bjorn is really a love and loves a good snuggle. The dogs have really taken to him and he to them. Budda decided the other night that he was gonna take on a father figure role and bathe the kittens. Bjorn had a full bath, he was soaking wet and satisfied by the end. I had to towel him off, dog tongues are way wetter than cat tongue, yuck! He smelled like dog breath when Budda was through with him. But Bjorn is so good natured he just laid back and enjoyed himself. What's to be with this little guy? We really want him to go to a home with another cat or minimally a cat-friendly dog. Bjorn's personality has really flourished, he's curious, snugly, attentive, and really playful. In the mornings he will greet you with some intense purring and he loves himself an empty bucket and a piece of paper. He likes the simple things in life, he's not a complicated fella. You should really meet him.

If you are interested please fill out the adoption form and email it to

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