Monday, August 2, 2010

Sleepy and Growing Up


The kittens are now 9 weeks old and they will be going for their full vetting this weekend which means they will be getting spayed and neutered (so scary and sad, but for the best), plus vaccinated and tested for FIV/FeL. They have blossomed into amazing kittens and they are definitely going to make for delicious cats. This weekend they graduated to full freedom which means no more crating overnight or when we are out of the apartment, this has helped tremendously in keeping their crazies in check. When they spent the whole night in a crate they would get so stir crazy that they made us insane for a couple of hours. Now they are so sweet and are happy to see us in the morning or when we get home. They all willingly come for a snuggle or a pet, and they ALL love the dogs which is amazing to see.

Francie and kittens, Bjorn, Olaf, & Inga

Budda, Francie and Olaf and Bjorn

These little guys are also working on eating one less meal so instead of their four meals, which consisted of wet food and dry to graze on, they are down to 2 bowls of wet and one bowl of dry. Very exciting stuff, I know, but it's important to be aware of a kittens eating habits for proper weight gain, especially for spaying/neutering.
Francie is just loving her playtime with the kittens she especially loves Bjorn, but all the kittens will seek her out to play. The kittens are all showing their personalities now, Bjorn is still the most outgoing, and independent but he will seek you out for a pet or just to hang out with you, he has no fear of the dogs and will get up in their faces. Little Olaf, is a fatty, he loves to eat, that kitty hasn't met a meal he didn't like. He's also the tidy cat, he will go into the litter box after his brother or sister have gone in to make sure everything has been properly been covered. Olaf likes to be held and will stay in your arms the longest for a snuggle. And tiny Inga, is a petite Miss, who will spend hours playing on her own while her brothers rough-house. She will also come over for pets or actively seek out the dogs for attention, and she likes to make meaningful eye contact, it's pretty mesmerizing.

So we really need to find for these guys so spread the word. If you like to meet one or all of these guys please feel free to email me at

Sleepy time, Inga curled and Olaf stretched out.

Sleepy Olaf

Ready for a nap, Bjorn

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