Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Comedian!

Bjorn is having a blast staying with us but it's time that he pack his hobo bag, got on the kitty train and found an awesome new family. This kitten might be a secret comedian because he certainly knows slapstick comedy. He also is very concerned with keeping the sink and windows shiny. Bjorn is the first cat that I've met that likes water. He loves a relaxing nap in a wet sink or bathtub, don't be surprised if someone joins you in the shower (by accident). Anywho, little man is now 4 1/2 months old and is desperately searching for his new family he says there's just not a lot of action Casa de Budda and Francie. Francie is a little worried that there's a crazed kitten getting bigger than her too, she keeps packing her bags then she unpacks them and packs Bjorn's, it's very strange. If you are ready for some comic relief in your life this is the kitten for you, but you have to remember to have patience because he's still a youngster and is up to all sorts of hijinks. Please write us if you are interested in adopting him at

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