Friday, January 15, 2010

Cuteness party

Last night 4 of our friends dropped by for some kitty love, and boy do Disaster and Turbo have plenty to dole out. They love everyone, Turbo even made our friend Michelle's belly her preferred bed for the evening, and Disaster snuggled up to our friends ,Katie and Joe, and passed out from the soft pets. Also, Disaster let our friend Adriana know that he really enjoyed her yarn by snuggling up to a bag of yarn she was crocheting from, pretty dang cute.
These two babies are incredibly well behaved for two youngsters they are not destructive in anyway, they're not the type of cats that for fun knock stuff off your table and shelves. They love to eat, I think aside for loving pets their next favorite thing is scarfing their food down, it's like a race to see who finishes first. Ok I leave you the night's cuteness.


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