Monday, September 14, 2009

Sven and Esmé dinner time


Sven has adjusted really well to the lot again, he even started to trust me a little more. He and his mom Esmé have some choice words for each other when it's dinner time. Esmé is onto litter number 3 and I think she might have recently moved them into the lot but haven't spotted the babies yet. There have been multiple sightings of her in the lot and tearing up garbage bags, although the whole block feeds her. Little Sven is doing well after his nuts got the snip, he's still beautiful and scared, and his mom likes to give him a good whack on the head when foods involved. Here are some pics of them both including a shot just before an intense hissing argument began and mama Esmé giant teats. I'm keeping an eye out for those babies cause' we are gonna get 'em before the cars do, we don't want anymore kittens dying on State street.

Tense moment between Mama Esmé and Sven, they hissed right after this

Mama Esmé eatin'
Mama Esmé skinny long teats!
Yummy din din! Sven licks his dinner ever so lightly, he's such a delicate boy.
I wait here til ya leave Miss, I hate that flashy thing you have.
oh back to my delish meal! yum yum yum....
so long suckas!

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  1. we are so trapping those babies as SOON as you see them. I don't care if I need to parachute in!