Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Babies!

New baby peeking, one of twins (either Lemonjello or Orangejello).

Ok well Miss thing, little Esmé, finally let us see her babies. I think they are about 8 weeks old, there are a total of 4 kittens and their big brother Sven who's about 6 months old is still hanging out with them. Debra already named them but I think they need renaming the names are entirely too complicated, currently we have Eddy Munster, Lemonjello, Orangejello, and I can't remember the 4th, I'm calling him Lil' Lion (I know it's tiger stripe, but we had a Tigerino). I feel like these guys have to show us their personalities before getting named. Ok I have one good pic of the top of one little ones face the rest are a bit blurry and I have some Sven an Mama Esmé pics. OH! and we are pretty sure she's pregnant again.

Eddy Munster and Esmé

Lil' Lion


Mama Esmé


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