Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Bunny tries the sofa

Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny, sat on the sofa last night with us and snack on some baby food, napped, and just hung out giving the occasional purr. Baby food is really kitty crack if it wasn't for it we'd still have a snarling spitting kitty. She still freaks out especially if you put her on the floor, she gets overwhelmed and terrified, then gets really angry. She has some serious work to do before she becomes the perfect kitty. And my baby Budda has been nothing but a good boy around her, he gets a little excited if the little lady confronts him with a hiss, I don't blame him, he's also trying to be extra cute because he doesn't want his title stolen by the Lady Bunny.

Budda snoozin'

Kitty crack

Bunny nappin'

more kitty crack


  1. awesome... keep it up, she'll be a snuggler!!!!

  2. omg!!! adorable!!! she'll turn into a mush. are you keeping her for good or just fostering?