Friday, November 20, 2009

R.I.P Sven

This evening I fed Sven and his siblings around 9pm and I said hi to little Sven, he was the only one around. Around 11pm I was taking Budda out for his walk and as I reached the bottom step of our apartment building I saw a little cat body laying by the curb by the fire hydrant near our building. First I thought it was Hissy, the daddy of all the babies and I started crying, then I realized that it may not be him and I looked at his little face and it was our beautiful Sven. A car must have just hit him, his body was still warm. I ran home and left Budda and got Debra, and we ran back downstairs and went over to see Sven and say our goodbyes crying hysterically, I still can't stop crying. We picked his little body up and put it aside in a bag, unfortunately this city provides no service to remove animals that have been killed on our streets. People drive like lunatics on our block they've now managed to kill the whole litter from early summer. Now I have no regrets that we took Bunny in.

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